Friday, October 11, 2013

Korean Student in Action!

Northern Star

Look who's pointing up north? :P

Visible Penis Line? :P

It's more than that. I can see everything clearly from over here.

Little Hottie in Uniform!

Local SG Guys in Action

Friday, October 4, 2013

Eddie Toh

And yes, despite not having a complete full nude.
I am 100% sure it belongs to him.

Nice dick. Love the bod. And he's quite a looker when he smiles. 

Current NUS Sociology student
lives in AMK

Don't ask Don't tell.

Nick Chew

I must admit. I am a secret fanboy.
HAHA! Why shouldn't I?

Cute, a bod to kill, and CHECK OUT THAT DICK!
You dont call him McBIG for nothing eh?

Oh and he has a nice ass too. Maybe I will post something up soon!
In the meantime, WANK ON!